Garage Door Maintenance In Perth

Garage Door Maintenance in Perth Is Essential to Your Door’s Long-Term Function

At Buckleys Garage Doors, your full-service garage door company serving Perth, WA, Australia, we know that maintenance and service is essential to keeping your garage door functional long term. Most of the time, a well-maintained door can last decades without requiring much attention. However, you do not have to do the garage door maintenance in Perth on your own. Our team is here to help you every step of the way.


What type of maintenance is necessary?


We always recommend getting the garage door maintenance in Perth the manufacturer recommends. This can range widely from one organization to the next. It typically includes ensuring the track is operational and straight and making sure that each of the door’s pieces are aligned properly. Many modern doors also have a system in place to provide protection from the door closing. Those “eyes” at the bottom of the garage door work as a sensor to keep them from crushing a person or pet. They need maintenance and proper alignment from time-to-time, too.


Garage door motors in Perth


When it comes to garage door motors in Perth, this is another area of concern for many business owners and homeowners. The motors will wear down over time, but good maintenance will keep them running longer. We recommend having our team out to your property at least one time every other year to inspect the motor (or more often, depending on the make and model).


You can depend on Buckleys Garage Doors for all of your garage door service, maintenance, installation, and repair needs. When replacement is necessary, we offer the affordable garage doors you need for your residential or commercial property. All it takes is a consultation with our team to get your door working at its best again and providing security to your home.

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